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Seeds Glassworks

Premium Fused Glass Flower tea light candle holder with battery operated votive candle.

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Beautiful Flower shaped handmade fused glass votive candle holder. choice of color (Pink, Purple, White) Flower with green "leaf" base. Pink has a beautiful marble effect almost giving it a "rose" look. Purple has a shimmer iridescent on the outside and is semi opaque. White is opaque with a shimmering iridescent the outside. So pretty! All come on an opaque green iridescent base Perfect for dining table, mantles or outdoor patios. Makes a great any occasion gift! Details: This set contains: one (1) flower (choice of color at checkout) , one (1) green leaf base, and one (1) battery operated votive candle. The flower can be used together or the flower and leaf base can be used separately to hold candles. The overall size when together is approximately 3 inches high and 3 inches wide. It is recommend to use battery operated or votive candles in a clear holder as it is difficult to remove melted wax from these holders (and I know you don't want to do that!)