Some of my favorite pieces

I have created a lot of things, some good , some bad, some easy and some not so much, but I do like challenging myself.

A few of my favorite pieces I have done a was a Rising Phoenix and my interpretation of Rabbit from Alice in wonderland. 

Rabbit may have been the first piece I did where I had a plan and purpose instead of just "winging it" while creating. Might have been the first time I used a pattern as well. Yep, even fusers use patterns. The process involved using a light board and having the glass and pattern on top, then tracing the pieces i needed. I did this for each color or type of glass I needed and numbered them. The hard part was cutting the pieces out.... this involved using a ring saw for some of the more complicated parts, hand cutting some and finally sanding and grinding the pieces to they fit better. Then it's off to the kiln. The projects were not done in one shot, after each firing I would add more details until I was finally satisfied with the end result. 


The Rising Phoenix was a present for a friend of mine and I loved making it. Now that I knew how to use a pattern and all that, this was actually much easier to do as I knew what to expect.


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