My Love of Dichroic glass

I love , and I mean love dichroic glass and alot of my jewelry pieces are made of it.

What is Dichroic glass you ask? It's a specialized type of glass that goes through a process of adding many many layers of micro coatings on the glass that produces a shimmering, multi-dimensional piece of glass.  

The glass when fired produces this really cool color shift , actually changing colors. And some glass even has textures or patterns on it giving it even more character. The crinkle dichroic is really versatile, if you fire with encased in a layer of clear glass it creates a "crinkle" texture, but if you fire it bare it creates this really neat matt sparkly rough surface (think micro glitter sandpaper) but it does not come off. Just sooooo cool!


This is why I love it for my jewelry pieces. You can create almost jem like "stones" with the glass that sparkle. The glass is great as a stand alone or mixed with a metal embellishment. 



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